What if is doesn’t work

CWL-airflow is not found

Perhaps, you have installed it with --user option and your PATH variable doesn’t include your user based Python3 bin folder. Update PATH with the following command

$ export PATH="$PATH:`python3 -m site --user-base`/bin"

Docker is unable to pull images from the Internet

If you are using proxy, your Docker should be configured properly too. Refer to the official documentation.

Docker is unable to mount input files

When running Docker App on macOS there is a default list of directories that Docker has permission to mount. If your input files are located in the directories that are not included in this list, you should add them in Preferences / Resources / File Sharing. ../_images/docker.png

Missing DAGs in Airflow UI

If after adding a new DAG you don’t see it in Airflow UI, first check if Airflow Scheduler is running, then make sure that dag_dir_list_interval parameter in airflow.cfg is not too big. By default, Airflow Scheduler will check for new DAGs every 5 minutes.

Workflow execution failed

Make sure that your CWL descriptor file is correct and DAG was triggered with correct input parameters. You can always check it with cwltool of the same version that is included in CWL-airflow package.

cwltool --debug WORKFLOW JOB

Fails to compile ruamel.yaml

Perhaps, you should update your setuptools and try to reinstall ruamel.yaml