How to install

Install requirements

Ubuntu 18.04.4 (Bionic Beaver)

  • python3-dev

    sudo apt-get install python3-dev

macOS 10.15.3 (Catalina)

  • Apple Command Line Tools

    xcode-select --install

Both Ubuntu and macOS

Install CWL-airflow

$ pip3 install cwl-airflow

Optionally, extra dependencies can be provided by adding [mysql,celery,statsd] at the end of the command above.

  • mysql - enables MySQL server support
  • celery - enables Celery cluster support
  • statsd - enables StatsD metrics support

Download portable version of CWL-airflow

Alternatively to installation, the relocatable standalone Python3 with pre-installed CWL-Airfow can be downloaded from the following links:

Note, these are not cross-platform packages, so the version of OS should be the same as mentioned in the name of the file. When extracted from archive, all executables can be found in the python3/bin_portable folder.

Similar packages for other versions of Ubuntu, Python and CWL-Airflow can be generated with the following commands:

# Ubuntu
# defaults: Ubuntu 18.04, Python 3.6, CWL-Airflow master branch

$ ./packaging/portable/ubuntu/ [UBUNTU_VERSION] [PYTHON_VERSION] [CWL_AIRFLOW_VERSION]

# macOS
# package is always built for current macOS version
# defaults: Python 3.7, CWL-Airflow master branch

$ ./packaging/portable/macos/ [PYTHON_VERSION] [CWL_AIRFLOW_VERSION]